Gea casolaro

Gea Casolaro is an Italian artist based in Rome and Paris. 

Her work investigates, through photography, video, installation and writing, our relationship with images, current affairs, society, history. Her research aims to activate a permanent dialogue between experiences and people, in order to expand our ability to analyze the real through the view points of the others.

Her works are in private and public collections including MAXXI, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome; Mart - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto; Museo Laboratorio della Mente, Rome; Museo Nazionale di Ravenna; CNA - Centre National de l'Audiovisuel, Dudelange, Luxembourg; Collezione Farnesina Experimenta, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Rome; Fondazione Quadriennale di Roma; Collezione CGIL - Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro, Rome.

a site, aside, inside, in between, away (2013)

Result of a work commissioned to Gea Casolaro by the CNA Centre National de l'Audiovisuel of Luxembourg, this exhibition is part of a composite project, entitled Observatoire photographique, about the photographic missions in the Country.The curator of the project, Marguy Conzémius, asked the artist to analyse the image of Luxembourg through the existent postcards and make thirty new images, some of which were produced in postcard, that was possible to send from the show to abroad destinations.

Gea Casolaro also launches a call to the public to send postcards from every country in the world that did echo with the images she shot in Luxembourg: postcards received gradually became part of the exhibition for the six months of its duration.

Collection: CNA Centre national de l’audiovisuel, Dudelange, Luxembourg.

vivaio eternot 
(2016 - on going)

"The handkerchiefs soaked in our tears will put on wings and fly far away 
to develop deep roots of justice"

Project winner of the contest "Public Art for Eternot Park" of Casale Monferrato Municipality, the Vivaio Eternot [Nursery plants Eternot] is a vegetal monument located in the park created on the site where once was the Eternit factory, that caused and still cause the death of thousands of people in Casale Monferrato. Volunteer citizens take care of the installation that produces plants of Davidia Involucrata aka the handkerchief tree.
Every year some trees of the Vivaio Eternot are given as a reward to people who has been distinguished, in Italy and elsewhere, for their commitment in the fight against asbestos. A scientific committee of experts select the candidates (individuals, organizations, institutions) who have been engaged to avoid fatal damage caused by asbestos.
Every April 28th, the World Day of asbestos victims, the Davidia involucrata's plants will leave the Nursery Eternot to the winners' locations: as well as the deadly fiber once left the Eternit factory, so now the plants, symbol of remediation, will leave Casale Monferrato to create a spread monument to commemorate the asbestos victims and all those who struggle to make that no one will die of asbestos anymore.